Why am I not getting any conversions or sales?

Umi Nursahira

Last Update hace 2 años

There are a few potential reasons this could happen. Some common ones are:

1. People click on your link, but they don't make a purchase.

2. Not every click will result in a sale, as such you need to drive more traffic to increase the likelihood of purchase through your link.

3. You have the wrong time period set for your reports. The report shows results over the last 7 days by default. Click ‘All Time’ on the right-hand side of your Shopple report to show different time periods in which you might have gotten conversions. Several options to help you narrow your time selection:

  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 30 Days
  • All Time

Here are a few tips to increase your chances of getting conversions:

1. Your visitors will usually follow you because of the trust they have in you in a particular area. 
2. Ensure your posts resonate with your audience, the trust they have in your recommendations will help make them decide to buy.
3. Use sales periods like double dates to increase the likelihood that someone will make a purchase from your link. We have a full rundown on how you can maximise your Shopple page during a double-date sale here.
4. Make an engaging and attention-grabbing product review on your social media platforms to get your audience to click on your Shopple link.
5. Use the Conversion Report in your Involve Asia dashboard to see details of previous conversions to see if there are any trends you can post about. It shows details of what visitors have converted and will give you insight into what your visitors are buying.
6. Use engaging captions on your Shopple posts. Make sure to include any coupon codes, discounts, or cash-back incentives in your caption. Here are some more ideas to get more people to click on your Shoppple recommendation.