Can I still get a conversion if I click through a cashback or coupon site before purchase?

Umi Nursahira

Last Update 2 jaar geleden

It depends on the type of links that a cashback or coupon site has on its platform. Many cashback or coupon sites use affiliate links too.

If you click on your Shopple link and click through a cashback or coupon site before purchase, there is a chance that the links you've clicked through are other affiliate links. This will override the initial Shopple link that was clicked on.

The same will happen vice versa if you have browsed through a cashback or coupon site first and then clicked through a Shopple link last.

This is because affiliate link tracking works by last-click attribution. Meaning tracking will be in place for the last click on an affiliate link, and a conversion will be attributed back to the last affiliate link a user has clicked on.

It is recommended that you checkout through your Shopple link without clicking through other cashback or coupon sites to avoid accidentally clicking on another affiliate link that is not yours.